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What is the best Mattress System?

Mattress shoppers either impulse buy because they don’t want to take the time to learn about mattresses or they run around in circles trying to gather information. It does not matter if you are buying the more expensive (advertised) name brand mattress or one of the other 500 mattress manufacturers that do not advertise, you are still getting one of these systems.  Here is really where you should begin when it comes to buying a new mattress.

What mattress system fits your needs, budget and comfort?  (There are only 6 different mattress systems).


(That’s about it)  However each of these 6 categories offer a multitude of variations and different quality.  It is these variations and qualities that the consumer needs to be aware of.  Once you have determined which of these systems fit your particular needs with regard to budget and personal comfort, then you need to look at the details.

Here is information on the six different systems here with some brief descriptions.  Further investigation regarding a particular mattress system should be done before final purchase.

1.   Spring System:  These are the best option if trying to keep your cost as low as possible.   (First of all you should know that all the spring systems for all the mattress manufacturers are made by Leggett & Platt)   Leggett & Platt offers approximately 30 different spring options.  Of these spring systems there are many variations available.    We can’t get into all the different option details here however here is some brief but valuable things to know:

The different spring systems that L&P offer each have a purpose and a different reason for offering it.  Some have been around a long time and are well proven such as the 416 Bonnell system which is one of the spring systems we like.  Some other systems have come along that offer less steel.  Keep in mind that the more steel in a spring mattress, the more durable.  (A thin, light weight steel spring will not be as durable as a thicker heavier spring).  (More steel cost money and weighs more for shipping).  Some of these spring systems are designed to be lower cost and lighter to ship.  This is why you need to know which spring system you are purchasing.  (You can read further on this blog to get some of those details of come by the showroom to discuss it)

2.  Pocketed Coil System:  This spring system was designed initially to compete with Tempurpedic’s visco foam mattress.  Basically because of the limited amount of motion.  This Leggett and Platt spring system varies once again in quality and price.  The consumer should be aware of which pocketed coil system they are purchasing.  There are 3 different versions of the pocketed coil.  (700, 800 and 932 Coil count system).  The 700 coil system is the lowest construction costs with 800 being more and 900 the most expensive to build.   The new  932 “Quantum Edge” is considered the very finest quality.  (At Charleston Bedding we only offer the Quantum Edge system).  If buying an independently pocketed coil system you should get the good quality one to avoid disappointment.

3.  Visco Foam System:  “Slow recovery foam”  A dense polyurethane foam (usually 4 to 6 lb. density Originally invented by NASA to line the inside of the shuttle.  Tempurpedic ran with this concept and owned the market for nearly 30 years.  Although the name and advertising claims look good the fact is that visco foam traps heat and for that reason is not considered to be a good product any longer.   Visco also compresses and does not retain it’s form for very long.  (Over the past year Tempurpedic has added “Gel” to their mix.  It helps dissapate the heat however they still sleep hot.  (To avoid sleeping hot Latex is a much better option) and costs less.

4.  Gel Foam System:  “Fast recovery foam”  Gel was introduced to foam to help dissipate the heat factor.  Usually gel foam is a fast recovery foam as compared to visco which is slow recovery.  It is a little more durable than visco and sleeps a little cooler however the gel does not completely correct the heat problem.  Gel mattresses offer good support however they will still sleep somewhat hot.

5.  Latex:  Latex mattresses have been around for about 50 years.  They are more durable than polyurethane foam and unlike polyurethane sleep cool.  Latex is considered by mattress experts to be the very best.  Unlike polyurethane, latex is a natural product.  Where polyurethane origins are oil based, latex is sap from a rubber tree.  The rubber trees are in India therefore Latex cost more to ship and manufacture.  That is why you don’t see much latex in mattresses.  (It costs more to construct and the name brand mattresses are more interested in keeping construction costs down).

6.  Air System:  Air mattresses allow the individual to adjust the firmness at their will which is a nice advantage over other mattresses. It is difficult to manufacture an air mattress that is durable.  Therefore a good quality air mattress is expensive.  Opinions vary with regard to these systems therefore it is a good idea to read as many reviews and as much information as possible before purchase.  (In my opinion a good latex mattress is a better option than air and will cost much less)

If you would like more details search further on this blog or come by the showroom


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