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Come see why this Charleston mattress warehouse stands apart from the others. The average shopper only visits one place before buying a mattress. For this reason, other mattress stores in Charleston build them cheap and sell them high. Charleston Bedding’s strategy is to offer the very finest quality available at the lowest prices. Everyone wins! We sell more mattresses and you get the best mattress deal in Charleston.


Mattress Store Charleston SC


Charleston Bedding specializes in the finest quality Spring, Gel and Latex mattresses. We offer the finest quality Fashion Beds and over 40 different mattress styles.  We have worked hard to create and maintain a factory direct strategy and low overhead, keeping costs and prices down. This is one of the many reasons Charleston Bedding is your best choice when it comes to buying a quality mattress at a low price.


Our Promise


Other mattress stores and warehouses hope that you don’t find out about us. We beat the competition hands down with our low overhead and direct factory approach. Charleston Bedding offers the finest quality at the lowest price you will find. If you purchase a mattress from us and then find a mattress that is comparable in price and quality for less money, your mattress is free. Visit us before you buy a mattress!


Why buy a mattress at Charleston Bedding?

Most people don’t know anything about what to look for in a mattress or mattress construction.  The mattress industry takes advantage of this and as a result I  see people making bad choices every day.  They pay too much for a low quality mattress or think that if they buy the most expensive it has to be good.  Most people either think (all mattresses and mattress stores are the same)  or they think that if they buy the mattress brand they have heard about, it’s probably good.  At best that approach is hit and miss.  My goal is to quickly educate the consumer so that they can make an intelligent decision.   The more you know about today’s mattresses, the more likely you are to buy from Charleston Bedding!

I know mattress construction.  Come in and let me show you what to look for when buying a mattress.  We are not just a mattress store, we are a sleep center.  I want to help you get the correct mattress with the utmost quality and value!  Read our BUYING TIPS page before you buy a mattress.

We have more positive reviews on Google than any other mattress store in town!    (Click here to check them out)

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